Rodent Proofing

Some say “God is in the details,” while other say “the devil is in the details.” What we know here at Super Green Insulation in the City of Angels is that both are true. The details are as essential to care for as the big things

It is this philosophy that we use when we insist on rodent proofing our clients’ homes following an insulation replacement, installation or removal. Whether in the crawl space, walls, or attic, rodents can leave highly toxic debris and spread bacteria and disease throughout the home. Sometimes, home inhabitants can contract a rodent-borne disease by inhaling their urine or feces (even without any direct contact with them). Since these little guys thrive in small spaces and can get through nickel-sized wholes, they often opt for the exact places where your insulation lies (attic, crawl spaces, and walls).

There are important general recommendations that we suggest to our clients. For example, reduce any available food, such as leaving pet food out, or check foundation vents or door thresholds for any gaps or cracks. While these are guidelines that everyone can follow, there are some harder-to-reach areas where rodents’ feces, urine, or ectoparasites can simply lie in wait for us to inhale them. Although we specifically provide attic sanitation and clean up for this purpose and for the general goal of quality air flow and energy efficiency, we also insist on rodent proofing as part of the service.

There are several materials that we use once we identify access points, gaps, or locations of rodent debris:

  • Concrete
  • Caulk
  • Metal Wire Mash
  • Steel Wool


Depending on the access point and the location of the issue, our Los Angeles insulation clean up specialists will thoroughly complete rodent-proofing in every nook and cranny that might pose a potential rodent infestation threat.

Since rodents carry a potential of over fifty diseases and about 30% of households have experienced a rodent problem, we recommend this part of our service to every client. The rats themselves as well as their debris or droppings need to be handled very carefully due to the transmittable diseases that they carry. Our LA insulation rodent proofing team is equipped to handle them without risk to our safety, and with the goal of eliminating risk to our clients and their families.

We know rodent behavior well, and are aware of their intelligence, their reproductive patterns, and their ability to chew through basically every possible material. For this reason, calling our Super Green Los Angeles rodent proofing team is your best bet to get rid of- and to prevent any potential infestation and diseases in your home. Our LA attic clean-up crew will remove all droppings and rodent-related debris that are already in your home to ensure a clean air and environment. We will also locate and seal any possible access points throughout your home or building to prevent any rodent-transmittable diseases.


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Keep in mind that small touches in small areas can prevent big problems, and give us a call at 888-278-2902 if you suspect a rodent infestation or would like an inspection. Super Green Insulation is as committed to the prevention of disease spread as it is to the creation of eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes. Give us a call today for your Los Angeles attic clean up and rodent proofing needs.
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