New construction insulation

Spray foam is the best material and insulation installation type for new construction homes and for noise management — from outside in, and from inside out. Although spray foam insulation is on the more expensive side of the insulation material spectrum, it is quite worth it. Our new construction subcontractors and clients usually opt for this insulation thanks to its durability, eco-friendly properties, and noise reduction benefits.

Spray foam insulation is also fire and water safe; it does not serve as a catalyst for fire, thereby offering an ideal option for your family’s safety and it does not retain water, thereby preventing mold and mildew.


Not surprisingly, it is best to install new construction insulation as the home is being built rather than retrofitting it later. Although we have certainly provided multiple Los Angeles insulation retrofitting work, this type of insulation installation is mostly for existing homes in need of insulation removal or replacement. For our LA new construction homes, on the other hand, we have the luxury of installing insulation as the home is being built, in the walls, ceilings, attic, floors, and wherever our clients see fit.

Most of the new construction in Los Angeles specifically aims to be eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Our superb insulation system installation helps our new construction homes reach those goals. Through our meticulous inspection process, we determine the locations for- and the type of insulation best suited for the home to facilitate healthy and smooth air flow, moisture control, noise management and reduction, and long-term energy-cost reduction.

Since new construction insulation is often part of the development process, we can employ considerations around structural support as well as insulation ideals. For example, we often include structural insulated panels and concrete forms in order to both enhance the insulation efficiency and both increase the structural integrity of the system.

In a warm climate such as Los Angeles, we also recommend in new construction insulation, that our clients consider reflective insulation and foundation insulation as ultra energy-efficient ways. Reflective insulation and radiant barrier installation both work through their reflective surface to deflect heat from the home, while foundation insulation works to prevent mold and mildew along with keeping the walls and basement, if there is one, in stable temperatures.

Our new construction insulation team is here to answer any questions during your planning process for your home, your industrial site, or any new-construction-focused property. Our goal is to create as many energy-efficient and eco-friendly homes through proper LA insulation installation and our long-term green vision!


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