Insulation Sanitation

Our Super Green Los Angeles attic clean up services go hand in hand with our overall insulation vision: a healthy insulation system means a healthy home.

Whether the insulation is old and has built moisture and mold, or there is a rodent infestation concern , our goal is to give you your attic back in pristine shape.

Los Angeles attic sanitation is an increasingly important service, due to the growing awareness of the health risks involved with mold, rodent debris and droppings, and dust. All these things are associated with allergies, respiratory issues, brain health, unpleasant and dangerous diseases, and more. Our clients take excellent care of their mind and bodies, and continue to realize more and more the importance of great insulation care as part of their health regimen.

Our best LA attic clean up services have been with our clients for whom we’ve also provided other type of insulation work. It’s the highest form of compliment and we do not take it for granted!

We also believe that it’s best to call a service that provides both insulation as well as attic sanitation services rather than to a service that focuses only on the latter. The reason is that when it comes to professional attic cleaning services in Los Angeles, you want a team that has expertise with all attic-related service. In other words, our team is well-versed in services that are often directly connected to attic sanitation and maintenance. For example, insulation replacement and removal , rodent-proofing , radiant barrier installation , and more. When our team is up there, then, we can easily and quickly handle any insulation deficiencies or any gaps or leaks we find. We are trained to look for any issues related to high-performance insulation no matter the specific service for which we have been called. We can therefore address any attic insulation concern that comes up throughout the cleaning process.

Our LA attic sanitation services include:

  • Rodent droppings and debris cleanup
  • Attic furniture and general item removal
  • Partial or full insulation removal
  • Full post-completion sanitation with safe and eco-friendly materials
  • Dust and web removal.
  • And more.


We recommend to always use a professional when it comes to attic sanitation. We use special equipment that protects us from potential health risks involved in this kind of project and are experienced enough to be cautious of certain indications of rodent, dust, or spider-related dirt and debris.

Thanks to our consistent work with attic clean up in Los Angeles, we have developed a highly efficient method of preparation of the site (to minimize interference with your home life), powerful vacuuming of debris, dust, insulation pieces, and sanitation and post-work clean up. Bottom line, we are in and out, leaving your attic safe and ultra-clean.

When old or damaged insulation needs to be removed, we provide insulation removal and replacement as a way to prevent further damage to your attic’s, and therefore, your home’s health.


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A clean attic means a smooth and clean air flow, reduced health risks arising from mold, rodent-borne diseases, and energy-efficiency. For your quick Los Angeles attic clean up service, reach out to us at 888-278-2902
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