Crawl Space Cleaning and Insulation

While the best Los Angeles insulation companies offer fabulous attic insulation solutions, we pride ourselves on our unique experience with crawl space cleaning and insulation in Los Angeles.

In other words, our experience with insulation is not limited to attics, rather it extends to walls, floors, ceilings, and specifically, crawl spaces. Adequate crawl space cleaning and insulation is crucial due to these spaces’ susceptibility to moisture, to rodent activity and to contaminants, all of which can lead to mold and mildew and even the transfer of diseases to the home’s occupants. Our goal is to ensure that these things don’t happen. We achieve this goal through thorough inspection of your crawl space and any cleaning or insulation removal or installation that might be required. That is, some of our best LA attic insulation services included additional work in our clients’ crawl space following discovery of mold or rodent debris.

Following our LA crawl space clean up services, we often provide rodent proofing to the structure , in order to prevent any future crawl space insulation issues.

Crawl space insulation and cleaning in Los Angeles involves experience and knowledge of the unique and diverse architectural structures of this city. Our crawl space insulation team here at Super Green Insulation Los Angeles has vast experiences with industrial, retail, and residential properties around town. For this reason, we are highly prepared to either thoroughly clean, insulate (or both) your crawl space. Proper crawl space insulation supports your attic and wall insulation in their goal to keep your home energy-efficient. Because of all the nooks and crannies that crawl spaces involve, it is important to maintain, clean and replace (partially or fully) their insulation to prevent mold, rodent-related diseases, and overall poor air quality in the home.

In other words, many homeowners do a fantastic job in securing their attic insulation and wall insulation, but neglect their crawl spaces. This can defeat the great advantages of a proper attic and wall insulation. We therefore recommend to look into your crawl space with a licensed inspector and/or with a licensed insulation expert in order to determine whether some work needs to be done on your crawl space.

Depending on whether or not your crawl space is properly ventilated or not, we will either install a fiberglass insulation in your crawl space or we will insulate the walls around it, respectively. We often recommend the simple option of installing fiberglass batt insulation to the upper part of the crawl space. This often achieves the goals of an adequate crawl space insulation installation while being budget-friendly.

For those clients whose crawl space is already in good hands in terms of its insulation system, we recommend a regular (but not frequent) crawl space cleaning. This helps in preventing moisture, addressing any potential rodent and rat debris that can cause diseases, and maintains a continued effective energy flow in the house. A simple Los Angeles crawl space cleaning can be the small yet crucial element you need to continue enjoying the benefits of a healthy insulated home!


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