Blown-In Insulation

Our Los Angeles blown-in insulation installation is the most affordable option, and it’s ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as attics.

Specifically, blown-in cellulose insulation is the number 1 choice for older attics and for tighter budgets. It gets the job done, while leaving you with good savings. For individuals with more freedom around their budgets, there are more expensive options , and we are happy to discuss the benefits of those options. However, for a good number of our clients, blown-in insulation covers their needs, saves on heating and cooling costs, and leaves a bit of change for any other home enhancement projects they might have in mind.

Our LA blown-in insulation service is so popular because it allows for wonderful and durable insulation and for minimal disturbance to the current structure and the home’s occupants. Specifically, blown-in cellulose is considered an exceptionally safe choice in regards to a fire hazard, as it can buy more evacuation and fire department response time.


Blown-in insulation is based on the method of insulation installation — it is actually blown-in through a blowing device into attics, crawl-spaces, and walls. Thanks to this method, the insulation materials can easily reach any cavities or crevices in the structure, which would otherwise be impossible to insulate.

The materials used in this method are loose-fill cellulose or fiberglass. Cellulose is made of recycled paper (treated with a chemical to render it fire-resistant) while fiberglass, true to its name, is made of small pieces of glass. Both have their advantages, but specifically, we recommend cellulose to our clients who are more prone to skin sensitivity, allergies, or respiratory issues. In other words, while both are considered safe options in the California insulation industry, we nevertheless like to take into account our clients’ general wellbeing and needs before making our recommendations regarding the materials.

Our Los Angeles blown-in insulation installation and replacement services extend to private residencies, apartment buildings, commercial properties, schools, and more. That is to say, our blown-in insulation services in Los Angeles have served many commercial, industrial and residential satisfied customers!

The benefits of a quality insulation apply to all environments — home, school, or office — and we treat each insulation installation with the same benefits in mind. Those include healthy air flow, savings in your utility bills, protection against air and moisture leaks (leading to mold), and noise levels (inside-out and outside-in) control.


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Whether you are considering a partial removal of insulation in your attic and installation of new blown-in insulation, or whether you are a contractor in charge of a new apartment or office building, here at Super Green Insulation, we can provide the most effective, swift, and safe insulation installation and replacement in Los Angeles. For any questions or thoughts, feel free to reach out to our LA blown-in insulation team at


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