Attic Insulation Services

Super Green Attic Insulation Services includes installation, replacement, and removal of your attic or crawl space insulation. Our goal is that your home would run as efficiently and as eco-friendly as possible.

Proper insulation is crucial for the overall health of a home, as well as for its cost-effective operation

In a city like Los Angeles, quality insulation means savings on air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. It also means healthy air flowing through your home rather than air that passes through bacteria or mold-infested insulation materials.


Our services include:

  • Insulation removal: in old buildings or homes, where insulation is no longer effective, we provide insulation removal and clean up.
  • Insulation replacement: some attics, walls, and crawl spaces require partial or full insulation replacement, depending on wear and tear, on the quality of the original insulation installation, or on a remodel status of a home.
  • Insulation installation: for both new construction or existing homes and building complexes, we provide dependable, thorough, and effective insulation installation services in Los Angeles and the surrounding cities.


There are several types of insulation that we install:


Depending on the structure, budget, and current insulation needs, there are several materials from which insulation can be installed. These include fiberglass, plastic or natural fibers, mineral wool, cellulose, rock wool, polystyrene, and polyurethane. Each material has its advantages and purposes, and our Los Angeles insulation installation team will delineate the different options of materials depending on your needs, budget, and home characteristics.

Whatever the unique circumstances are, our LA insulation replacement team will always follow these important guidelines when providing services:


  • High pressure will seek low pressure, and high heat from the roof will seek the cooler temperatures in the rest of the home. In a sunny and warm climate like in our City of Angels, quality insulation can effectively lower thermal heat transfer. This translates to lower A/C costs and to overall smooth air flow throughout the home.
  • Despite our California winters being rather comfortable, cooler air from outside will nevertheless attempt to come inside. And so, an adequate California insulation replacement or installation would lower heating costs in the winter in the same way they would for cooling costs for the summer.
  • We will never over-insulate a home. We will ensure proper ventilation and proper material dispersion in order to prevent low air quality and/or mold issues.
  • Since well-installed insulation should last decades upon decades, regardless of material, we focus on thorough inspection of any leaks, gaps, rodent debris, etc. that might interfere with perfect insulation, and resolve these issues on the spot.
  • When possible, and when old insulation is in good condition, and does not have any rodent debris or any contaminants, we will aim to provide the most affordable service for our customers. This might mean putting new insulation over old, or partial insulation removal.
  • We perform a dew-point analysis to determine the kind of insulation that best fits the outer sheathing of the structure.



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